The Technology Behind Civerex Products

All Civerex application systems have their foundation in Adaptive Case Management(ACM) / Business Process Management (BPM) to accommodate any mix of unstructured versus structured work.

The ACM orientation provides a full audit trail of all interventions, complete with the ability to retrieve and post data, as it was, at the time it was collected, on the form versions that were in service at the time.

The BPM orientation allows users to undertake discovery, mapping, modeling/simulation within a drag-and-drop graphic environment.

Quick Overview of Civerex Products

Strategy Development – a KnowledgeBase environment called CIVER-MANAGE™ that allows you to inventory all corporate assets and prioritize their use.

Process Development – a Process Mapping environment called CiverOrders™ that allows you to discover, map and improve your processes and generate “best practices” templates to guide the processing of instances in various industry-specific run-time environments.

Operations Management – run-time application systems (CIVER-PSYCH®, CIVER-MED™, CIVER-SUPPLIER™) that provide automated resource-allocation, leveling and balancing across multiple processes/instances, complete with compliance checking at key process points along workflows and transaction-level audit trails.

Interconnectivity – a generic data exchanger called CIVER-EXCHANGE™ that allows our products to seamlessly integrate with multiple local and remote applications and systems.

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