Quick Overview of Civerex Products

Strategy Development – a KnowledgeBase environment called CIVER-MANAGE™ that allows you to inventory all corporate assets and prioritize their use.

Process Development – a Process Mapping environment called CiverOrders™ that allows you to discover, map and improve your processes and generate “best practices” templates to guide the processing of instances in various industry-specific run-time environments.

Operations Management – run-time application systems (CIVER-PSYCH®, CIVER-MED™, CIVER-SUPPLIER™) that provide automated resource-allocation, leveling and balancing across multiple processes/instances, complete with compliance checking at key process points along workflows and transaction-level audit trails.

Interconnectivity – a generic data exchanger called CIVER-EXCHANGE™ that allows our products to seamlessly integrate with multiple local and remote applications and systems.

Behavioral Healthcare Management Best Practices/Compliance
Software Suite
Medical Management Free-Form Knowledge-Base Builder
Certifications/Accreditations Criminal Investigations
Web Site/Portal Plug-In Remote Inspections/Quality Management
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