PRESS RELEASE 2008.05.05

Infinity/Civerex announces CiverWeb™ Web Site/Portal Plug-In Technology enabling Behavioral Healthcare Agencies to exchange documents with Patients

Huntsville, AL, - May 5, 2008 - Infinity/Civerex, LLC a leading provider of state-of-the-art behavioral healthcare workflow management and compliance control software, is pleased to announce its CiverWeb™ web site/portal plug-in technology that enables agencies to use their web sites/portals to exchange documents with patients. This results in important cost savings and improvements in overall efficiency for agencies.

The agency web site/portal can be used 24/7 by agency staff, providers and patients to exchange documents instead of having to transmit them by mail, fax or email. Agency staff can send patients appointment reminders and statements, providers can send patients patient guidelines and consent forms for signature. By clicking on a toolbar at their agency's web site, patients can receive, "sign", and return consent forms to providers as well as book, change or cancel appointments with agency staff.

CiverWeb document transfers are handled by CiverExchange, a high performance data exchange engine that is part of the CIVER-PSYCH EMS Behavioral Healthcare Workflow Management Software Suite. "CiverWeb/CiverExchange can reduce the volume of phone, letter and e-mail communication by as much as 80% for the increasing subset of patients who have Internet access", says Walter Keirstead, President of Infinity/Civerex.

The provider set-up for CiverWeb requires access to a server running CIVER-PSYCH® EMS with CiverExchange and a high speed Internet connection. Patients require a PC and a high speed Internet connection.

For additional information about CiverWeb/CiverExchange contact Doreen McCready at 1-800-529-5355 or visit

About Infinity/Civerex LLC

Infinity/Civerex LLC, headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, is joint venture between Infinity Technology, Inc. (1989) and Civerex Systems Inc. (1994). Infinity/Civerex brings together more than thirty years of corporate experience developing workflow management and compliance control software for mission-critical applications in behavioral healthcare, general medicine, tele-medicine, knowledgebase building, criminal investigations, DUI/DWI, certifications and accreditations, remote inspections/QA management, and electronic data interchange.

Products include CIVER-PSYCH® (behavioral healthcare management), CIVER-MED™ (general medical management), CiverOrders™ (workflow management), CiverMail™ (point-of-care eMessaging), CiverExchange™ (data interchange), CiverSubmit™ (EDI formattting/parsing), CIVER-MIND™ (criminal investigations), CIVER-MANAGE™ (knowledgebase building), CIVER-CERTIFY™ (certifications/accreditations), and CIVER-SUPPLIER™ (remote inspections/QA management)

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