PRESS RELEASE 2007.11.01

Infinity/Civerex, LLC launches CIVER-PSYCH 6.0 With Simplified User Interface, Executive Dashboard and eMessaging

Huntsville, AL - November 1, 2007 - Advanced workflow management features in CIVER-PSYCH 6.0, Infinity/Civerex, LLC's Behavioral Healthcare Management software system launched last week at the Institute for Behavioral Health Informatics 2007 Conference in Arlington, VA, will provide Agencies with quantifiable improvements in staff efficiency, thanks to its simplified User Interface, Executive Dashboard and eMessaging capabilities.

CIVER-PSYCH 6.0, the result of four years of focused R&D, installs out-of-the-box with a simplified User Interface comprising ONE screen from which staff can engage all demographic, clinical and scheduling processing. This feature makes it difficult to inadvertently miss or skip a task, perform a task out of sequence, or perform the wrong task. "If you know how to run Microsoft Outlook, you know how to process patients in CIVER-PSYCH 6.0", says John Becker, the Infinity/Civerex R&D Manager.

Task management is also greatly simplified with CIVER-PSYCH 6.0. Supervisors are provided with an Executive Dashboard that enables task assignment and resource leveling. The system is able to predict states of non-compliance and allow supervisors to initiate corrective action before problems actually occur. This results in immediate productivity gains as evidenced by the reduction to several lines of what used to be pages and pages of 'exceptions'. Walter Keirstead, President of Infinity/Civerex, says "Detecting and fixing problems before they develop is a lot more efficient than spending time analyzing why things went wrong after the fact".

Another important feature of CIVER-PSYCH 6.0 is its eMessaging capability that allows staff to carry out collaborative consultations at points-of-care using state-of-the-art wireless technology. With one mouse click, an e-message can be dispatched from a point-of-care in CIVER-PSYCH to a colleague's or supervisor's SmartPhone or wireless device with a usual immediate response back to the point-of-care.

For additional information on CIVER-PSYCH 6.0, contact Doreen McCready at 1-800-529-5355 or visit

About Infinity/Civerex LLC

Infinity/Civerex LLC, based in Huntsville, Alabama, is an international software company that develops and markets integrated decision support applications systems for the medical, behavioral health, intelligence, law enforcement, and manufacturing sectors.

Products include CIVER-PSYCH® for behavioral healthcare information management, CIVER-MED™ for general medical information management, CiverOrders™ for workflow management, CIVER-MIND™ for intelligence applications and major crimes case management, CIVER-MANAGE™ for relationship management, and CIVER-SUPPLIER™ for supplier record management.

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