PRESS RELEASE 2005.10.10

BBH Solutions Signs Technology and Services Agreement with Infinity/Civerex LLC

New York, NY - October 10, 2005 - BBH Solutions, Inc. and Infinity/Civerex LLC are pleased to announce that they have signed a technology and services agreement. BBH Solutions, Inc. will become a certified Infinity/Civerex Implementation Partner serving the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region. BBH Solutions, Inc. will provide solution design, implementation, and support services for Infinity/Civerex LLC customers.

About BBH Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1989, BBH Solutions, Inc. is a full service technology provider delivering integration, infrastructure and project management services. BBH provides customers with information technology solutions that simplify complex needs in the workplace and improve efficiency, effectiveness, quality and compliance.

About Infinity/Civerex LLC

Infinity/Civerex LLC, based in Huntsville, Alabama, is an international software company that develops integrated decision support applications systems for the medical, behavioral health, intelligence, law enforcement, and manufacturing sectors.

Products include CIVER-PSYCH® for behavioral healthcare information management, CIVER-MED™ for general medical information management, CiverOrders™ for workflow management, CIVER-MIND™ for intelligence applications and major crimes case management, CIVER-MANAGE™ for relationship management, and CIVER-SUPPLIEr™ for supplier record management.

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BBH Solutions, Inc
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Infinity/Civerex LLC
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