Remote Inspections/Quality Management

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ is enterprise Workflow Management software that allows organizations to develop "best practices" templates, allocate scarce resources to template instances, and monitor performance of work at the individual transaction level. CIVER-SUPPLIER supports both structured and unstructured work (95/5%, 5/95% or any mix between).

Users can easily map out processes in the CIVER-SUPPLIER graphic environment from a tool bar using drag and drop techniques and automatically compile the process maps to a Run Time (RT) environment. The RT environment posts tasks to the attention of the appropriate resources (machines or humans).

The CIVER-SUPPLIER User Interface consists of a calendar for management of fixed-time appointments and an InTray listing "floating time" tasks. The software broadcasts "orders" to all users that have the same skill category classification for automated task loading across users. Once a user "takes" a task, he/she "owns" the task until it is completed or put back into the task pool. Users can micro-schedule tasks around fixed-time appointments. Supervisors can level and balance tasks across workers from an Executive Dashboard.

Task Forms can be designed in CIVER-SUPPLIER to collect task-appropriate data. The data automatically flows to a Task History where users may view data, as it was, at the time the data was collected, on the form versions that were in service at that time. A parallel data stream goes to a formal Data Exchanger (CIVER-EXCHANGE™) for distribution to 3rd party subscribers on a strict need-to-know basis. For data transport, a formatter/parser (CiverSubmit™) allows outbound data to be formatted to the specific needs of individual subscribers and allows inbound data to be extracted from industry standard or custom formats. CIVER-SUPPLIER supports data integration across multiple-entity record sets. Each Entity can post data to a knowledgebase environment (CIVER-MANAGE™) and carry out free-form data searches.

The distinguishing feature of CIVER-SUPPLIER is that all Table/Field operations are managed by the software suite. No "programming" aside from Rule Sets and formatting/parsing scripts is required.


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