for Discrete Manufacturing

CIVER-SUPPLIER™ is multifunctional workflow management software for discrete manufacturing organizations that provides guidance for the performance of work plus guardrails (checks and balances) to ensure that the right things get done by the right people, the right way, at the right time.

The main advantage of CIVER-SUPPLIER™ is that it uses drag and drop process mapping and allows one-click deployment of mapped processes for workflow scheduling, monitoring and control, without the need for custom programming. This is a lot faster and a lot less expensive than traditional ERP which requires a lengthy implementation timeframe and expensive customization.

Call us today at (450) 458-5601 to book a free one-on-one web session with one of our manufacturing specialists. See how CIVER-SUPPLIER™ can allow you to map out a 20-30 step workflow for one of YOUR manufacturing processes and have this ready for rollout and initial testing at workstations in less than one hour.

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