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CIVER-SUPPLIER is a multi-faceted Record Management software application that allows organizations to define Supplier, Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Product, Assembly, Sub-Assembly, Part, Replacement Part Entities and to interlink these using CIVER-MANAGE™ (Relationship Product).

CIVER-SUPPLIER accommodates data collection at defined Entities, with hierarchical navigation across Entities.

The distinguishing feature of the software is that all Table/Field operations are managed by the software. Users graphically define relationships in CIVER-MANAGE and the system automatically extends the underlying database.

Users can carry out searches of the type "find an auditor certified with a particular standard to carry out a specific audit at a specific customer site". The system then ships to the auditor an audit kit that details the work to be done at the site and provides decision support to the auditor during the audit.

Auditors then upload the results of audits to the organization or agency requesting the audit.

CIVER-SUPPLIER builds an electronic record of all audits by Entity, complete with data/time stamps and electronic signatures. Users may view data as it was at the time it was collected, using Forms/Standards that were in effect at that time.

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