About Us

Civerex Systems Inc., formed in 1994, is an international privately held software company that develops premier decision-support software for healthcare, law enforcement and manufacturing.

The corporate headquarters are located in Hudson, Quebec, Canada.

All Civerex products are designed using generic software components that are reusable and extendable across multiple applications. This design approach results in products that are more easily customizable and have increased funtionality and reliability.

Since its inception, Civerex systems has been a pioneer in the development of tools that allow deployment of software via the internet. As early as 1995, Civerex has provided product downloads from its wesite. The internet continues to be the main distribution channel for system and data updates to our customers worldwide.


Our products can be categorized as follows; Relationship Management products (CIVER-MIND™, CIVER-MANAGE™, CIVER-CERTIFY™), Workflow Management products (CiverOrders™) and Record Management products (CIVER-PSYCH®, CIVER-MED™, CIVER-SUPPLIER™).


Civerex Systems Inc. offers a complete range of services including strategic consulting, project management, data conversion, forms design, user training, system support, and facilities management.


Civerex employs key personnel with extensive experience in information technology, an expert research and development team, computer programmers and professionals in customer support, quality control, technical services and on-site installation and training.

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